Unplug the world — with Bumblebee.

Position-tolerant wireless charging solutions for electric scooters, autonomous systems, and portable devices.

The only solution that delivers the ease of use people expect from wireless charging.

Bumblebee’s wireless charging technology solves all the limitations of existing inductive charging solutions, giving you:

  • 3X the distance
  • 3X the tolerance to misalignment
  • 5X lighter footprint

A successful spin-out of Imperial College London, Bumblebee outperforms competing solutions on all key metrics, finally delivering the ease of use people expect from wireless charging.

The Bumblebee team standing on a boat. A drone that is wirelessly charging sits nearby.

From Imperial College to your doorstep.

Bumblebee Power is commercialising high frequency inductive powering technology for convenient, flexible and low cost in-situ recharging of battery powered devices. Our patent-protected solution is built on the back of £5m of research funding into Imperial College’s Wireless Power Lab. The technology delivers superior performance in terms of weight, distance and tolerance to misalignment, compared with currently available low frequency inductive charging solutions. 

We’ve already achieved strong commercial traction across a range of applications including electric mobility, autonomous systems, and defence. 

Meet the team

Pioneering large air-gap, lightweight wireless charging

Bumblebee’s receive units are easy to integrate and offer >85% efficiency from a ground-pad.

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Key Applications

Bumblebee is working with various customers to eliminate battery-swapping in electric micro-mobility hire schemes, provide convenient home charging for e-bikes and e-scooters, and to enable autonomy in industrial and delivery operations.

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Autonomous Systems

Bumblebee's lightweight, high tolerance-to-misalignment wireless charging solution is a key enabler for autonomy of aerial drones, factory robotics, or home delivery systems.


Bumblebee's USPs enable a single interoperable ground-based charging pad for kick-scooters, ride-on scooters, and e-bikes.

Electric Cars

Bumblebee is developing high-power solutions to enable wireless electric car charging without the need for expensive precision parking aids.
Why Choose Us

Unrivalled wireless charging performance

High tolerance to misalignment, large air gap and lightweight — at all power levels.


Bumblebee's slim and lightweight magnetics can be readily integrated in any vehicle or product.

charging copy

Bumblebee's USPs apply across all power levels — low, mid, and high. Current solutions range from 50 W to 7 kW.


With 3X the air-gap and 3X the tolerance to misalignment, precise parking, landing or docking is not required


Our ground-based charging pad powers kick-scooters, ride-on scooters and e-bikes.


What they say

“When I was at Thales we reviewed many wireless charging solutions for autonomous systems. Bumblebee's is the only one that could deliver the weight and position tolerance needed for real-world applications.”

Max Baxter-Allen Bumblebee investor

“Voi is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that will accelerate the micro-mobility revolution. We are proud to support the research and development that will further these goals by working with a world-leading institution such as Imperial College and Bumblebee Power.”

Fredrik Hjelm CEO & Co-Founder, Voi

“As well as being underpinned by leading-edge research, Bumblebee has taken a customer-focused approach to its development to date, resulting in practical technologies and traction with partners.”

Brijesh Roy Seed Investment Manager, Imperial College