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We're building the future of wireless charging.

Bumblebee is the only solution that delivers the ease of use people expect from wireless power.

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Bringing safe, efficient wireless power transfer to everyone

Bumblebee was founded in 2021 off-the-back of £5m of research funding into Imperial’s world-leading Wireless Power Lab.

Until now, inductive charging has promised much but has suffered from limited uptake, with existing solutions being either large and heavy or little more than contactless charging. Our vision is to deliver a wireless charging technology people actually want to use — a solution that is easy to integrate into any product, offering much greater freedom of position when charging, provides whatever power is required, and that is interoperable across multiple vehicle types with the ability to simultaneously charge many devices from a single pad.

Having already demonstrated that our patented approach can deliver these USPs, our next challenge is to work with customers and stake-holders to roll out the technology in multiple markets.

Play Video about A boat owned by the French multinational company Thales. Thales has a partnership with Bumblebee Power focused on autonomous systems, including drones.
What we do

Delivering key innovations in wireless power

We’re working with customers to eliminate battery-swapping in electric micro-mobility hire schemes, provide convenient home charging for e-bikes and e-scooters, and to enable autonomy in industrial and delivery operations.

Autonomous Systems

Bumblebee's lightweight, high tolerance-to-misalignment wireless charging solution is a key enabler for autonomy of aerial drones, factory robotics, or home delivery systems.


Bumblebee's USPs enable a single interoperable ground-based charging pad for kick-scooters, ride-on scooters, and e-bikes.

Electric Cars

Bumblebee is developing high-power solutions to enable wireless electric car charging without the need for expensive precision parking aids.

Meet our team

Innovative, pioneering, customer-focused.

We’re a small team of engineering and commercial professionals, creating products that will provide universal and automatic wireless charging for a wide-range of applications in global markets.

An image of David Yates
David Yates Founder & CTO
An image of Paul Mitcheson
Paul Mitcheson Founder & CSO
An image of Brian Graves
Brian Graves Chief Commercial Officer
An image of Chris Kwan
Chris Kwan Co-Founder
An image of Jamie Gawith
Jamie Gawith Senior Systems Design Engineer
An image of Juan Arteaga
Juan Arteaga Co-Founder
An image of Ioannis Nikiforidis
Ioannis Nikiforidis Power Electronics Engineer
An image of Nunzio Pucci
Nunzio Pucci Consultant, R&D
Emanuele Degani Communications Design Engineer

We're always looking for new talent.

Bumblebee is building a team of skilled engineers, product designers and business developers.
Come join us!

In the news

Voi partners with Bumblebee Power

Voi partners with Imperial College spin-out, Bumblebee Power to enable wireless charging of micro-mobility vehicles. Read the press release.