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Wireless Charging for Electric Micromobility

Electric scooters are just the beginning. Large air-gap, low-weight, and mid-power capabilities make for the perfect electric micromobility wireless charging solution.

Wireless charging halves ride-share running costs

Bumblebee's solution works with all electric micro-mobility vehicles

Increased uptime

Vehicles always charged and ready to go.

Automatic charging

Reduce operating costs of battery swapping and increase user convenience.


Our ground-based charging pad can power kick-scooters, ride-on scooters and e-bikes.


Bumblebee's thin and lightweight magnetics can be readily integrated into any vehicle or product.

Pioneering large air-gap, lightweight wireless charging

Bumblebee’s receive units are easy to integrate and offer >85% efficiency from a ground-pad.

Bumblebee caters to all use cases: ride-share, retrofit or private-use

Want to wirelessly charge your electric scooter at home or in the office, as part of a fleet or individually, in docked schemes or un-docked? Bumblebee wireless charging solutions are designed to suit all use cases. We can retrofit receive units into existing vehicles or design to be integrated into a new product line. 

Photo of a Voi scooter being charged wirelessly by a Bumblebee Power ground pad.
One ground pad for all applications

Slim ground pad design for universal deployment

Bumblebee is developing wireless charging retrofit receive units for kick-scooter hire schemes, to be trialled this summer. Our partnership with Voi can help you understand the benefits for micromobility. We’re also developing a 7 kW solution for electric vehicles.

Bumblebee’s ground pad can be deployed in all types of hire scheme, whether docked or undocked, and can be used at home or in the office. Our slim receive unit is attached underneath the electric scooter.


What they say

“Voi is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that will accelerate the micro-mobility revolution. We are proud to support the research and development that will further these goals by working with a world-leading institution such as Imperial College and Bumblebee Power.”

Fredrik Hjelm CEO & Co-Founder, Voi