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Wireless Charging for Autonomous Systems

High-tolerance to misalignment, low-weight, and mid to high-power capabilities enable superior wireless charging for drones/UAVs, AGVs and more. 

A flying drone about to land on a boat owned by Thales.

Safe. Reliable. Low cost.

Whether you’re looking to implement wireless charging for aerial drones or autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs), Bumblebee’s flexible wireless charging solution can be deployed in a range of autonomous systems. 

Our lightweight, thin pads deliver kilowatts of power while having a minimal impact on ground clearance in AGVs and the flight time of aerial drones. Bumblebee’s unique tech allows us to design a bespoke solution tailored to your application requirements — including size, weight, air-gap, tolerance to misalignment, and power level.

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From hectic shop floors to naval security, Bumblebee’s lightweight, position tolerant wireless charging gives users an operational advantage.

Cordless nirvana.

From long distance delivery to smart factories, autonomous systems of the future will rely on wireless charging.

Increased uptime

Regular top-up charging maximises availability.

Automated charging

Reduce operational costs and enable autonomy in hazardous and difficult to access environments.

Extend battery lifetime

Manage speed and frequency of charging to extend battery lifetime by up to 3 times.

Safe and reliable

No electrical contacts increases charging reliability, enables operation in hazardous environments and reduces fire risk.

Autonomy is the future

Battery-powered AI driven and robotic vehicles will enable efficient, reliable, and low-cost large-scale production and delivery. Applications include long-distance delivery in remote areas and last-mile urban delivery, the monitoring and maintenance of large scale infrastructure, automated warehouses and factories, as well as autonomous public and private vehicles.

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What they say

“When I was at Thales we reviewed many wireless charging solutions for autonomous systems. Bumblebee's is the only one that could deliver the weight and position tolerance needed for real-world applications.”

Max Baxter-Allen Bumblebee investor